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4 Uses for Pressure Treated Wood

If you’ve ever worked with lumber for decking, fencing, or boat docks, you were using pressure treated wood.[…]


Why Safety Matters in Pressure Tank Manufacturing

Pressure vessels have been utilized for over 300 years.[…]


Autoclave System for Sterilization Purposes

Autoclaves can be used for a variety of purposes, like treating wood, and the manufacture of rubber tires or hoses. But did you know it is also used for the decontamination of waste products? Think back to the last time you flew on a plane to a vacation destination (lucky you!) or had a medical procedure done at […]


How an Autoclave Sterilizes

Autoclave systems are used to sterilize many things, not just medical equipment as some might think. They can be used to sterilize equipment for dental work, body piercing, biologist and much more. The autoclave system uses steam and pressure to kill bacteria and pathogens so that the items come out clean and safe […]

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