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Manufacturing Production Processes: Vulcanization of Rubber

Car tires, the hoses that firefighters use, rubber bands, and coatings for industrial vessels.[…]


Pressure Tanks for Vulcanizing Rubber

Vulcanized rubber is natural rubber (obtained from a rubber tree) that is pressure treated with chemicals.  It has many applications in many different industries, as natural rubber is not very useful.  The process of transforming natural rubber to vulcanized rubber involves the use of chemicals and high heat to […]


Our Autoclave Systems

Wood & Rubber Autoclaves The average person may be unfamiliar with Autoclave Systems, ASME Tanks and the Automation Software & Systems that service these turnkey systems. However, these systems are absolutely crucial in facilitating the preservation of everyday life. Tank Fab is the leading Autoclave System & ASME […]


Autoclave Systems for Rubber Treatment

Autoclave systems are typically cylindrical pressure vessels that work as catalysts for reactions to occur. In the case of rubber treatment, the pressure in the autoclave system converts raw rubber material into the more traditional form of, say, perhaps a tire. This process is referred to as vulcanization, a […]