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Specialized Equipment to Meet Your Needs

At Tank Fab, we pride ourselves on engineering specialized manufacturing equipment to fit our customer’s needs.[…]


What Equipment Do I Need to Preserve Wood?

Hi all! Jeff again. Over the years our company, Tank Fab, Inc. has helped many people get their start in the wood preserving industry by providing them with the necessary equipment used to preserve the wood. More often than not though, those individuals had no idea what was really needed to get into the business of […]


Learn about our custom ASME tanks

At Tank Fab, we take pride in building custom ASME tanks that fit your specific needs. To ensure this, we employ a multi-step process to build our tanks from sketch to finish. Specialized tanks increase customer production while keeping overall costs low, that’s why we believe in clear, collaborate communication to […]


Ready to ship!

It's ready! After months of design and fabrication work, our latest transfer deck system is ready for shipment to our client.[…]

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