Railroad ties in American today are composed primarily of wood. It is easy to produce, strong, and expandable. Tank Fab, in 2008, with Amerities Holdings, manufactured the equipment needed for preserving railroad ties with a creosote preservative at their new facility in Hope, Arkansas.

Our Tie with Railroads

As this would be the first completely new railroad treating facility built within the United States in a number of years, the client faced a number of issues that needed resolution prior to start of construction. We worked closely with the client in resolving these issues including obtaining environmental approvals for the facility’s equipment, and approval of financial funding partners that would be needed for a facility of this scale. We also worked with the client to produce part of the specifications they would need for obtaining estimates for the facility’s buildings, concrete foundations, electrical, and additional equipment needs.

Tank Fab is also a member of the Railway Tie Association, a organization started in 1919 to ensure the engineering of wood crosstie systems continues to improve and adapt with changes in technology.

Sustainable Treated Wood

From RTA's website on treated railway ties:

"Preservative treated wooden railway ties are produced in North American by Railway Tie Association (RTA) Members and used by North American Railroads, contractors, and industry. After their intended useful purpose, these ties are recycled or disposed of in ways that are environmentally and economically sustainable. Sustainable means that recent and current production, use, and disposition of ties does not reduce or otherwise negatively impact the capacity to continue production, use, and disposition into the future."

Environmentally Friendly

The production of treated railroad ties requires less fuel and energy, therefore resulting in less environmental impact when compared to their concrete or plastic counterparts.

After the ties have fulfilled their use and are ready to be recycled, they are burned for energy.

About Tank Fab

The President of our company, Thomas E. Lippincott, has been in this business for many years. He founded a company known as WOODTEC in 1976. His company thrived and Tom remained the President, Engineering Manager, and Owner of WOODTEC until 1990. In 1990, he made the decision to sell WOODTEC; however, he remained with the company as Vice President and Engineering Manager until 1995.

During his time with WOODTEC, the company designed, fabricated, and installed close to 200 wood treating plants in the United States. Tom took charge and oversaw the design for these plants. He personally started up each of the successful treating plants. Tank Fab is dedicated to bring its clients only the best wood treatment solutions. To talk to us for a free consultation, please call us at (800)675-9007.

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Author: Jeff Lippincott