At Tank Fab, we build custom designed autoclave systems for your facility needs, as well as service and repair existing ones.  More than that, we provide you with everything you need to make your autoclave run, including piping, valves and pumps.  We can even custom design automation!  But what, exactly, does this all mean?

What is an Autoclave?

Essentially, an autoclave is nothing more than a hollow tube with a door on one end.  The term “autoclave” actually has a few different definitions, and is often used interchangeably with the term “sterilizer.”  What they all seem to boil down to is that the items put inside the hollow vessel are subjected to high amounts of pressure, and are effectively “treated” when they come out.

How it Works

The short version of how autoclaves work is that objects are placed inside and subjected to extremely high pressures.  Depending upon the application, steam, or chemicals, may be involved.  In order for the pressure to rise, air must be removed from the autoclave, which can be done through vents or vacuums.  In some instances, heat is also required to treat the items inside the autoclave.  Temperatures are raised with steam, which is introduced to the autoclave after the air is removed and rises as the pressure rises, until the desired temperature is reached.  The pressure is maintained inside the autoclave for a predetermined amount of time, to achieve the desired results.  When done, the pressure is relieved, the items finished.

Types of Autoclaves

There are numerous types of autoclaves and autoclave systems.  One of the most familiar autoclaves is the one you might find at your dentist’s office, which is used to sterilize dental tools.  Other types of autoclave systems include those for pressure treating lumber, laminating glass (often referred to as safety glass), vulcanizing rubber, dewaxing (melting wax casts), nuclear sampling and aerating concrete.  While Tank Fab does a good number of autoclaves for pressure treating lumber, we can make autoclave systems for just about any industry.

Automating Your Autoclaves

Tank Fab can also automate your autoclave systems too, if you need.  We customize your automation system to meet your specific needs, which helps you to run your autoclaves, and your facility, as efficiently as possible.  Our system, the E.A.S.Y Treat system, is a PLC/PC based system that runs on CITECH software.  Automation systems offer you numerous benefits.  They increase productivity.  Consistency and quality is increased.  Safety is increased.  And, finally, you have control over your systems from one central location, allowing you to monitor and make changes where needed.  We have completed several automation systems, including one for the bio-diesel facility Coatings and Adhesives in Leland, NC, as well as others for wood treatment facilities that provide lumber for major retailers like Lowe’s and Home Depot.

Whether you need an autoclave to pressure treat lumber, require repairs to an existing autoclave, or want to automate the autoclaves in your facility, Tank Fab is your one-stop shop!  Give us a call today to learn more!

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Author: Jeff Lippincott