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ASME Tank Manufacturing Guidelines

Autoclave systems are powerful, modern tools that allow difficult materials to be manufactured safely and en masse. In order to maintain safety, a universal standard was established for all boiler and pressure vessels. Originally created in 1914, the ASME code is now used in all 50 states and different […]


What you need to know when repairing and/or altering your ASME Code tank- Part 2

Hi all! In our last post, I began the discussion of the requirements and procedures that are necessary to repair or alter your existing ASME Code tank. This is a continuation of that discussion.[…]


What is ASME?

ASME sets standards for the pressure vessel industry The need for a set of standard codes for the pressure vessel industry was noticed early on in American industry. ASME stands for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. The organization was founded in 1880 because of numerous steam boiler pressure vessel […]