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Tank Fab Announces A New Project For A Transfer Deck System

Hi all! Jeff here. I'm excited to announce that we, that is Tank Fab, have been awarded a contract to design, manufacture, and install our  Transfer Deck System for one of the top producers of pressure treating dimensional lumber in the United States![…]


Autoclaves: Are you getting the most production out of yours?

Hi all! Jeff, Sales Manager at Tank Fab, Inc. here.[…]


An alternative to tram jump tracks for the CCA, Creosote, and Penta Treating Industries

As the deadline approaches for the CCA, Creosote, and Penta re- registration requirements; I am getting inquiries for installing alternatives for jump tracks. There are a few different ways to approach this such. One method is to install an automated swing bridge to swing the tracks out of the way. While this […]